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"Left 2 Us"

This is another Collaboration with the Always Awesome Matt Weldon. This time he Violently Mashed together 2 Extremely popular Video games. Featured are Joel and Ellie the Protagonists from The Last of Us Tangling with one of the most Feared enemies in Gaming, the Witch from Left 4 Dead. I Love this piece even though I’ve never played Left 4 Dead before, but I’ve Played the Hell out of The Last of Us and it’s for sure in my Top 10 favorite Games of all time. That game is so Visceral and Raw but yet Funny and Sweet, The Characters will Warm your Heart only for it to be Ripped out and Chomped on a moment later, Not ashamed to say I almost Shed a Manly tear a few times and I’ll tell yah I’ve never been more Motivated to Kick Arse than I was in the Last section of that game, Amazing Story brought to life by Amazing people both Performers and Programmers… And i’m sure Left 4 Dead is quite good too.

Drawn by Matt Weldon (Pen & Ink) Coloured by William Anderson The PsychoSlaughterman (Wacom Bamboo & Photoshop CS2)


©PsychoSlaughterman AKA William Anderson

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